In this exotic motherland, since the 15th century, local people began to wrap the bodies of the dead in shrouds instead of burning them. Their souls will only leave the earth after 40 days of being buried, on one condition: the shroud is untied.

In the next five to six centuries, riots lasted for fifty years. Massacres occurred here and there, no matter in the dim moonlight or in the bright sun. The victims were countless, some say five hundred thousand, others say more than a million. One thing for sure was there was not enough space nor time to bury them all properly.

Lots of ties failed to be untied. The dead bodies turned into ghosts and jumped out of the grave, becoming a pocong. An exact 10,000 of them hops their way to Fantom.

What Happens If You Encounter a Pocong?

Bump, bump, bump! No worries, they will just follow you wherever you go; much like memories and regrets. Pocong could not walk because their legs were tied. Therefore they move by hopping. Although legends say they can fly and teleport. The only way to lose them is to muster up your courage; hug them while untying their shroud. If you are brave enough to wrap your arms around a Pocong, wealth and peace is granted.

Mint your Pocong and be a Hugger!


What is FantomPocong?

FantomPocong is a not-too-fun NFT collection consisting of 10,000 Pocong with unique traits. Two of them inscribe the sites of death and the causes of death of the massacre’s victims. Some are rarer than the other based on the reason behind each act of killing. The reasons are as followed: there were some mass killings hidden from the people to hide the perpetrator and for the sake of effectiveness, and the others were deliberately shown to establish fear and accumulate power to control society.

But wait, FantomPocong doesn’t want to be a gruesome collection, with respect to the deceased, there are other traits that add some fun and friendly characteristic to each Pocong. Remember, Pocong won’t attack you. They are trapped souls seeking help and want to bring justice to their killers.

How much for a FantomPocong NFT?

The minting price is 1 FTM to make FantomPocong affordable to anyone who wants to help and hug them. There is a 2.5% royalty that goes to the team from secondary sales.

Can I mint and hug more than one Pocong at once?

Yes. You can mint as much as 50 Pocong at once with a maximum of 200 Pocong per address.

What is the total number of Pocong again?

It is 10,000 Pocong. Some Pocong will be minted if they chose to follow someone they prefer through a giveaway or promotional event. And no, the contract allows us, but minting will not be paused or stopped until all of the 10,000 Pocong get a hug. Now, imagine the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, there will always be 2,711 stelae, that’s also the case for FantomPocong. All of the 10,000 Pocong will hop around on the Fantom blockchain forever after it is minted out. FantomPocong hopped onto the Fantom blockchain to withstand the censor-addicted government.

Will they really hop forever?

Well, FantomPocong’s main burials are on IPFS.

What can I do with my Pocong?

You can hug them, or escort them to someone else who wants to hug them too by trading them. If you want to share the memories about the mentioned story, you can simply use them as your PFP and help Pocong reach a broader public.

Is there any roadmap for FantomPocong?

No. There will be no roadmap till reconciliation betides. It’s been fifty years, but who knows? It may still be a long journey from generation to generations before all the souls can be freed from their shroud.

Where can I see them?

NFTKEY, Paintswap, Artion, OperaHouse, TofuNFT, DappRadar.

Who’s the team?

For now it is just me, alone. I’ve onboard a few friends to join the team, but they more focus for the next collections.


    The story is inspired from an actual event(s) in a peculiar motherland. The art pieces are actually made similar to the popular representation of Pocong in its cultures and beliefs. This project was meant to spread the awareness of how important it is to deal with the past; especially regarding the human rights violations. Because an unresolved problem from the past violences will eventually become the setting for future violences.

    This project may not be at all enough to be a breaker in the chain of violence that occurs and re-occurs. This is too small, but any small means is needed instead of nothing. Any conversation, discussion, forum, or symposium is urgently needed. The government doesn’t seem to want it, for me, it predicts closure, and presupposes lies. FantomPocong refuses to forget the tragedy that rooten the society up until now.

    While the elites are busy with their own businesses, this tech-savvy younger generation can take on a bigger role to take the next step towards reconciliation. Importantly, this is not only about perpetrators or victims, but also about humanity, values, and even alternative imaginations about a community and its future.

    There’s that! Let’s make our Fantom community a safe-place to talk about the untalked! Crimes against humanity are hostis humanis generis. Let’s beat it!***

Happy minting and hugging your Pocongs!